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About Us

Sparta Today's Mission:  Here at Sparta Today, we work to promote our local businesses through community interaction.

This means a variety of things, including:

-We strive to host and create events that will bring our community together. Whether it be a carnival, a festival, or a market, We will do what we can to bring the community together and celebrate our tight-knit community. 

-We do what we can to help our local businesses thrive. Small businesses mean a lot to us, and through various programs and events, we do what we can to keep them running. 

-We listen to feedback. No one is perfect, and we are no exception, let us know how we can improve! 

-We care about our community and do what we can to make it an even more beautiful place for future generations! 

Annual  Reports

Our Story

Welcome to what we partner to call Sparta TODAY!  We are a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting the growth and success of businesses in Sparta. As a collaboration between the Sparta Downtown Development Authority, Sparta Chamber of Commerce, and Sparta Events (Sparta Community Works), we work together to create a vibrant and thriving community. With our annual report, we showcase the achievements and progress made by our partnering organizations. Join us in shaping the future of Sparta!

Annual Report








Our Staff

DDA Director - Elizabeth Morse

Office Admin - Amy Falk

P. (616) 887-2454

Events & Volunteer Coordinator - Beth Baltruczak

P. (616) 887-2454

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