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About Us

Sparta Today's Mission:  Here at Sparta Today, we work to promote our local businesses through community interaction.

This means a variety of things, including:

-We strive to host and create events that will bring our community together. Whether it be a carnival, a festival, or a market, We will do what we can to bring the community together and celebrate our tight-knit community. 

-We do what we can to help our local businesses thrive. Small businesses mean a lot to us, and through various programs and events, we do what we can to keep them running. 

-We listen to feedback. No one is perfect, and we are no exception, let us know how we can improve! 

-We care about our community and do what we can to make it an even more beautiful place for future generations! 

Our Staff

DDA Director - Elizabeth Morse

Office Admin - Amy Falk

P. (616) 887-2454

Events & Volunteer Coordinator - Beth Baltruczak

P. (616) 887-2454

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