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Harvest Schedule

We all have our favorite kind of apple, don't we? And if you're going to go out apple picking, you're gonna want to pick that kind of apple! Good news, the Michigan Apple Committee has an amazing schedule that shows when each variety of apple will be harvested! It can be found on their website and gives a brief description of some popular apples along with their harvest dates. So if you need to pick a day to go find your favorite kind of apple, make sure you check out the harvest schedule from the link below!

If you look at the schedule, you'll see that the harvest date for Jonathon apples is September 23rd! Isn't that perfect? You can go pick some Jonathon apples and then stop by Michigan Apple Fest for even more apple-themed fun! Busy that day? No worries! You could stop by and check it out on September 24th as well! One thing's for sure, if you like apples, community, or fun, you won't want to miss Michigan Apple Fest. It's a combination of all three!


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