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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Elizabeth Morse, DDA Director, Unofficial Hunger Games Representative

Elizabeth Morse, DDA Director

Elizabeth Morse was born to be a Spartan. She was raised in Sparta, graduated from Sparta High School, and now works to promote Sparta around the state (and eventually the world). In high school, she even won the “Always a Spartan” Award. At the office, Elizabeth is hardworking, dedicated, and hungry. Always hungry. Elizabeth will often use a “meeting” as an excuse for the office to order food. She usually goes to Taylor to get support for it. Elizabeth’s work style could be considered organized. That is, if you consider writing everything on a sticky note and then allowing the sticky note to journey through the Land of Swirly Twirly Gumdrops organized.

Rebecca Wildeboer, Events Coordinator

Rebecca Wildeboer, Events Coordinator, Unofficial Mother of the Office

Rebecca Wildeboer is the Big Idea Generator of the Chamber of Commerce Office. Her mind is full of brilliant ideas that will grow Sparta. Maybe she finds them in the articles or podcasts that she’s always recommending you to watch even though you never asked. Even when an idea seems impossible, she’ll always say, “Let’s just do it anyways.” Rebecca has a knack for taking care of the other members in the office. She’s often the last one to leave and cleans up after everyone else when they’re gone. She is also highly skilled in giving you the life advice that you needed, but never asked for.

Alyssa VanAusdall, Chamber Administrator

Alyssa VanAusdall, Chamber Administrator, Nontraditional Shoe Wearer & Unofficial Plant Killer

For Alyssa VanAusdall, comfort is her number one. She’s always wearing the comfy shoes in the office and we can’t blame her. At one point in her life, she tried to water a plant. She ended up killing it and is forever off plant duty. Alyssa loves her dogs, even though she’s the only one in her family with big dogs. Just ask her about it and you’ll be in for a great story. She also is a part time yoga instructor, which is actually pretty sweet. If you want to get into the Chamber office, you have to go through Alyssa first. She’s the first face that you see when you visit our building. She may look kind and innocent, but she will put her foot down when she needs to.

Taylor Wildeboer, Marketing

Taylor Wildeboer, Marketing Assistant, Unofficial Youth and World Perspective Representative

Taylor Wildeboer has traveled once and will continue to travel again and again. Though she was raised in and around Sparta, she lacks that “Sparta Vibe” of others born in the community. Taylor is the youngest of the office and has been nominated as the Voice of the “Youth”. When a young opinion is needed, Taylor is the one everyone goes to. Even though she’s one of the oldest souls in the office. Taylor is usually the one that keeps things organized, so long as she’s well fed. Taylor has been known to accept food as payment. Although that’s less likely now that student loans are piling up. RIP. Being a member of generation Z, Taylor is a bit of a Debbie Downer and will 10/10 kill your vibe.

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