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New Local Jobs Forum

You asked and we delivered! We are announcing that we have added a new jobs forum page to our website to help our members and residents find local staffing and employment.*

Members can post their own job descriptions or residents can post their interest in employment. Please be sure to follow the instructions for submission so that the information is accurate and organized.

Click here to check out the new forum or to post new information. If you need more assistance promoting a position don't hesitate to ask us for help. We are here to make sure our local businesses can survive and thrive in our corner of the universe.

Instructions for submission:

1. To post a new job, click on "add new post". Login as a member or create a new login.

2. Place the job title and organization name in the heading.

3. Please provide an accurate job description, upload necessary documents or company logo, place necessary links to apply and contact information in the body of the post.

4. If you would like us to do more to promote an open position please email us at and simply ask for assistance with your job posting.

*The Chamber cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided, and an application for employment is not a guarantee of employment.


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