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Remembering 2018, Anticipating 2019

After a long January, we here at the Sparta Chamber of Commerce are looking forward to the warmer weather that is, hopefully, approaching. And with that warm weather comes our event season. Before we get into what's to come, we would like to thank a few people for the recognition that gave us for last years success!

We would like to thank DTE Energy for their lovely blog post and video that featured the Michigan Apple Fest as well as select local business.

To see their original blog post, click on the link here.

We would also like to take a moment to thank Dan Salas and Larry Carter for create a 2018 Sparta Year in Review!

After the success of last years events, we're ready to take on what this coming year will bring us! Coming up soon is the Talley-Ho! Puppet Fest Day of Puppetry! On March 23rd, take some time to join the community to learn about the art of puppetry, experience interactive workshops, and make your puppet come to life! For more information, view the event here! Our first Chamber event that we're eager to unleash on April 20th is the Fairy Garden Party! During this magical event you will be able to create your own fairy garden to bring whimsy into your home. For more information and to get tickets, view the event here!

If you're looking for a one-stop-shop to see all the community events in Sparta, not just the ones we host as the chamber, be sure to like and follow the Sparta Community Works Facebook page!


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