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Sparta Restaurant Specials! Mon. Jan 4

We are SO excited about Restaurant Week TO GO in Sparta ---- We. Launched. A. Day. Early!

Specials (check back often, they will be updated throughout the day as new specials come in!)

We pull these specials direct from the business facebook page or community page, please call to confirm details and pricing as things may change after we post these specials. Thank you!


Brick Haus Brews: Tacos! You love them and we've got them. Shredded Brisket Tacos, 2 for $3 or 3 for $4. Come get them anytime today from 3pm - 8pm. 616-383-1155


Sparta Pub: open for takeout 2-8 , today’s special is buy one get one half off burritos or 4 soft tacos with house made chips for 6.99$ call 616-205-5388 to order


Maxines LLC in Sparta with a Goulash special! Call 887-8700


The Garden Patch: Hey Sparta-area Zythophiles (people who love beer),

Let us fill up your growler. We are open Monday through Saturday from 4 to 8 PM. Stop in and let us give you 64 ounces of your favorite beverage!

Craft Beer - $12 to fill 64 ounce growler

🍺 Perrin Blackberry

🍺 Perrin Black

🍺 Founders Centennial IPA

🍺 Two Heart

🍺 Sam Adams Winter Lager

🍺 Pigeon Hill Salted Caramel

Domestic Beer - $7 to fill 64 ounce growler

🍺 Bud Lite

🍺 Labatt Blue

🍺 Busch Lite

🍺 Miller Lite


*The above are the specials for the day in Sparta that we have become aware of. If you know of a special, send us a note at and we will update our list! For all the local restaurants days, hours, and menus visit:


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