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Thank You, Rebecca

This week, we want to say a big thank you to Rebecca for all the work she's done at the Sparta Chamber of Commerce, DDA, and Events Office in the past five years. Rebecca has been the Hospitality and Events coordinator in Sparta and the change has been noticed by many in the vibrancy of the community.

It's been thanks to the many amazing ideas with her can-do attitude that has brought so many new events and attractions to town. Not only has she been a treasure box of ideas, but she helped grow and reorganize many of the events in Sparta. With her active work to promote Sparta to new visitors in the community with her Facebook lives, she has worked tirelessly to promote this community.

We have Rebecca to thank for her persistence in creating the Potter in the Park Festival, which grew so large that we had attendees from over 6 countries! With a small team of workers, consisting mostly of her children and their friends, she was able to pull everyone together to create a truly magical event that had something for everyone in the family!

Along with Potter in the Park, Rebecca was also the rejuvenated the much loved Candy Cane Lane, created the yearly Concrete Cauldron competition, the Fairy Garden Party in the spring, the Grinch's Candy Cane hunt, the Christmas Fireworks, and Bash at the Nash. Her creativity can be found in the downtown flowerpots during Christmas.

Rebecca's work in Sparta has created new traditions in town that have brought smiles to faces in the community. We'd like to take a moment to thank her for all her

work in Sparta, and we can't wait to see where her journey takes her next!


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