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Natok play is a sort of theater in Bangladesh and India. Natok additionally alludes to any show that is broadcasted on any Bangladeshi TV channel. Natoks are extremely famous these days in Bangladesh and have turned into an immense wellspring of diversion for Bangladeshi individuals. Bangla natok 2022 are created in both West Bengal, and Bangladesh what began in the mid nineteenth century during the British rule. In that time, natoks were just acted in a theater. Later on, TV natoks acquired prominence than theaters.

A) According to the genre of emotion (1) Tragedy (2) Comedy (3) Tragedy-comedy (4) Melodrama and (5) Fars.

B) According to the source of content (1) Mythological (2) Historical (3) Historical fiction Characteristic (4) Social (5) Family (6) Fictional and (6) Fictional

C) According to the nature of the content (1) Religious (2) Ethical (3) Spiritual (4) Political (5) Economic (6) Erotic (7) Patriotic (8) Sociological (9) Conspiratorial (10) Thriller and (11) Crime detective etc.

D) According to the material features (1) Lyric drama or opera (2) Journey (3) Dance drama (4) Drama or drama