Kickball Social Adult League! 
hosted by Sparta & Kent City Rotary 

Sparta & Kent City Rotary present Adult Social Kickball League!  This league is for FUN! for additional questions


Sparta Friendly Kickball rules

Coed Kickball -Teams will consist of up to 12 members with 5 being female

There will be 10 players on the field with a minimum of 4 females

Kicking order will be rotating male and female i.e. m,f,m,f,m,f,m,f. There is never 2 men kicking in a row

Sign up as a team, a handful or an individual and we will place on a team

Game lasts for 50 min

Game is self-refereed, one designated person per inning

Home team to keep score and turn it in

Have fun and be a good sport!