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Adopt a Spot to Beautify Downtown Sparta!

By Elizabeth Morse, Sparta DDA Director

I love all seasons, and that is hard to say when it is so bitterly cold out right now, but without the winter there wouldn’t be the beauty of spring in Michigan!  Spring in our community is wonderful for so many reasons, but I love watching the grass go from the winter sleep mode to a bright lush green, and who doesn’t love catching sight of the first early blooming crocus or dwarf crested iris (okay, full disclosure, I had to google the exact names of the flowers, because the description I’d use of “you know, that small little purple flower that pokes up as the snow recedes” might not have hit home with all audiences!).  Anyway, the first sight of those flowers really gets me excited to see some warmer spring days ahead.

The flowers are really one of the best parts of the beautification of downtown Sparta that bring a smile to most people – did you know we have over 100 hanging flower baskets, 42 large cement flower pots, and 16 flower beds just within the downtown streetscape area of Sparta?  That doesn’t include the parks or gardens surrounding the downtown, either.  It is a lot of beauty to share to the public, but it is also a lot of responsibility.  For the last two years the Sparta Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has had a program called the “Adopt A Spot” to solicit the help of those with green-thumbs to help keep downtown Sparta beautify by adopting a flower bed.

The Sparta Adopt-a-Spot program is designed to encourage community involvement in our continuing efforts to keep Sparta a beautiful place to live, work, and visit! The program utilizes volunteers from businesses, organizations, clubs, churches, school groups, teams, and families to maintain our beautiful garden beds through the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.  We’ve had individuals, non-profit groups, and businesses take part in the program and we are thrilled to open up the opportunity again!  The application can be found under the “NEWS” tab on “Adopt-A-Spot Gardens”.  

Not able to Adopt a Spot, but would like to contribute?  Consider making a donation to our beautification program!  

Pictured here, Phil & Krindy Potter from Sparta Variety out front with help from their family beautifying the garden bed on the corner of Union and Division.


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