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Call to Artists: Leave your legacy in Sparta by painting a Mural!

The Sparta Downtown Development Authority is now calling on artists to submit concepts for murals to be raised during the 2021 summer in downtown Sparta.

Murals selected by the Sparta Downtown Development Authority are chosen based on their coherence in design and relevance to Sparta. No restrictions in terms of content will be used in the selection process.

Artists will have the option to apply for one or both of the projects below:

1) Sparta 175th Anniversary Timeline Mural

Overview: As we are approaching Sparta’s 175th Anniversary, we are seeking an artist to incorporate Sparta Township’s rich and vibrant history into a mural in our downtown area. The artist will work with the Sparta Downtown Development Authority and Sparta Township Historical Commission to supply dates and important elements of Sparta’s history. The mural should include:

a. A creative vision of 175 years of Township History

b. Submission for this project will be a visual representation, not the actual detailed history of Sparta itself

2) Sparta Mural Beautification Project

Overview: To supplement the Art in SpARTa Mural Review Project of 2013, we are seeking artists to create a number of murals incorporating themes relevant to Sparta while adding their own creative flair. Selected artists will create one (or multiple, depending on interest) mural in Sparta to honor our values, history, and culture. Relevant topics we are looking for include, but are not limited to:

a. Farming/Agriculture

b. Fruit Ridge

c. Communicating the ambiance/vision of Sparta

d. Interactive murals

Murals will be painted on 4’ x 8’ slabs and assembled on-site. MURALS WILL NOT BE PAINTED ON-SITE. Therefore, selected artists must have a suitable location to paint the mural. All supplies will be provided by the Sparta Downtown Development Authority.

Submission Materials:

Concepts submitted for selection will include the following materials:

1. B&W or color sketch of mural concept, approximately 8.5” x 11”

2. Summary of concept (one paragraph)

3. Artist resume, including contact information (one page)

Concepts submitted to the following address, postmarked by May 1, 2021.

Selection Process:

Artists whose concepts make the second round may be asked to submit a color drawing, approximately 24” x 36” by May 30, 2021.


Artists whose murals are selected by the Sparta Downtown Development Authority shall receive the following compensation:

1) A one-time royalty of $1,500 upon completion of the mural (note that the Sparta Downtown Development Authority will provide all artists with paint, equipment, location, and materials for painting the mural)

2) Marketing of the artist and the mural in the form of a page on the Sparta Chamber website devoted to the artist and the mural, including a connecting link to the artist's website (if applicable), as well as promotion generated by the mural project to introduce the artist and mural to the public

There will be a signed licensing agreement between the selected artist(s) and the Sparta Downtown Development Authority.

Please contact the Sparta Downtown Development Authority Director with questions about the call to artists, the Sparta 175th Anniversary Tribute Mural, or Sparta Mural Beautification Project.

Elizabeth Morse,


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