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Lights in Sparta

Christmas this year is definitely going to be a lot different than what we're all used to. And while that is disheartening for all of us, it doesn't mean that Christmas is gone this year. What it does mean though, is that we can spend a more meaningful Christmas with those close to us. And what better way to spend time with our loved ones than to take a stroll in the bitter cold to explore a winter wonderland! The lights in Sparta are nothing short of magical and it's no surprise that there's always someone walking through Candy Cane Lane.

If you've been waiting for Candy Cane Lane, now is the time to get your coat on! The downtown lights turn on this week! You can expect to see the glow of Christmas in the evening by Friday, November 20th. Take some time to wander around downtown to take in the lights on Division, then swing through to the 201 E Division parking lot to check out the new Santa's Workshop. Afterward, you can make your way to Candy Cane Lane, where you'll find the signature arches lighting the way. A new addition this year is the Gingerbread Forest! If you came to the costume giveaway in October and decorated a Gingerbread man/house, you'll be able to find your creation there!

The lights in Candy Cane Lane wouldn't be possible without the help of our two helpers, Joel & Blake. They've worked hard this year to make sure Candy Cane Lane would bring a smile to everyone who stopped by. After weeks of working to transition downtown Sparta from fall to winter, they deserve a round of applause. With much of our staff out sick, we depended on them to make sure the work was done. They truly saved Christmas in Sparta and none of the preparations for the season would have been possible without them.

*Trust me, they really are working hard.


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