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Alpha Ted, Official Chamber Office Cat

Some of you may have already seen some posts on our Facebook page, but the Chamber of Commerce has recently taken in a rescue kitty! Named by one of the Chamber Interns, Alpha Ted (Ted for short) has recently been transitioned into his full time life at the office! Ted was rescued after being dropped from the engine of a car. He is suspected to be part of a litter of kittens that fell from a car on the same day. Cats are known to hide in cars that have been stationary for an extended period of time. Ted's vet, Dr. Val at the Alpine View Animal Hospital, suspects that the mother placed the kittens in the car engine to keep them safe, not knowing that the car would soon move. Luckily, all the kittens were found and taken to safe homes.

Since his rescue, Ted has been working hard to learn the ins and outs of cat knowledge. Trained by a former rescue cat and dog, Ted slowly began to recover and open up to others. Ted was raised at the our workers home to get him healthy and litter trained. While in the car, Ted had contracted a couple viruses and needed regular medicine. He was diligently watched by everyone in the house.

Abby the Rescue Coonhound giving Ted some motherly love.

After being given a clean bill of health, Ted moved into the Office to start his new working life. Since moving in, Ted's learned a plethora of things about his new environment. He's learned when and where he needs to beg to get the optimal amount of food he's not supposed to be eating. He's learned that he'll receive more attention if he walks in front of Rebecca during her Facebook lives. He's mastered the baby-face to get what he wants from Alyssa and is even working on playing fetch with Taylor. He's also discovered Elizabeth's soft spot for him.

Ted's adventure's have just begun, so look forward to more updates on his story!


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