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Christmas Countdown: Perfect for the Fashionistas

We all have that one friend, right? That one friend who always wears the cutest clothes and the trendiest shoes? They seem to have the perfect accessory for every outfit! Those fashionistas are the hardest to shop for, and with only four weeks left until Christmas, you need to start looking now! Good for you, Sparta Town Square has the perfect gift for the trendsetters in your life!

Found at Blondie Blossom

Found at Creekside Clover

Found at Wild Bee/Lemon & Lola

Sparta Town Square is located in the heart of downtown Sparta, which includes 10 new shops selling home and garden, boutique clothing, and local crafts, as well as food establishments offering lunch, dinner, and delicious baked treats! If you haven't stopped downtown Sparta lately, you need to see the changes!

What better time to shop local than during the holidays? Sparta Town Square is hosting a variety of events to make Christmas shopping fun! Check them out below!


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