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Christmas Countdown: Sweet Treats

There are only 4 weeks left until Christmas, and with the coming of the holidays comes the craving for those yearly sweets! Everyone gets a sweet tooth once in a while, and with Christmas around the corner, you have an excuse to treat yourself! And what better place to satisfy those cravings than Sparta Town Square? The shops in Downtown Sparta are stocked with plenty of treats to make your holidays a touch sweeter!

Found at the Rustic Lily

Found at the Rustic Lily

Sparta Town Square boasts 10 new shops that are stocked to the brim with local crafts, clothing, home goods, and accessories. If you're hungry, you can also find delicious meals and yummy baked goods. Whenever you get the chance, come on down and check it out!

The local businesses in Sparta want to make your shopping experience enjoyable! Below is the schedule for events in Sparta Town Square. With all these events going on, there's no better time to shop local!


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