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Driving Across the States

On Saturday at the Halloween Costume giveaway, we had the opportunity to meet some very special Spartans. We met Heather who told us that she and her family has decided to pack up and travel across the States in their camper. Intrigued by the story, we wanted to share it with others. Hopefully stirring some inspiration for anyone who has been thinking about taking a leap, but is holding back. We were able to connect with Heather to get some insight into what the next few years of her family's life would be!

Featured in the Photo is Heather, her husband Jesse, and their three children. Two boys, 11 and 8, and one girl who is almost two. Not pictured is their 3-year-old beagle, Penny

Q: What motivated you and your family to make the decision to drive across the states for the next few years?

A: My husband, and I have always joked about selling it all and living in a camper, but having kids and no real interest in homeschooling, we figured our dream would happen when the kids grew up and moved out. With Covid-19 the kids' school offering virtual learning we figured there was no time like the present to take the leap.

Q: What are you and your family looking forward to the most for this trip?

A: My husband and I are looking forward to a winter without snow! The kids are excited to see the Grand Canyon as well as a few other landmarks. Mostly just looking forward to the adventure, and getting to experience more of what our country is like.

Q: What are you nervous about for this trip?

A: Well, a lot of things. There will be challenges, organization, storage, travel days with a toddler, Covid-19 precautions, traveling with a dog, I just try to remind myself that the adventure will be worth it, the things we get to see and do will outweigh the challenges we will face.

Q: Do you have any special stops already planned?

A: We have some friends to visit in Texas and Arizona, that is where we are headed first and will probably spend the first couple of months exploring.

It sounds like they have a big adventure ahead of them! We wish Heather and her family the best of luck with their trip. We love to see Spartans taking on challenges and going on great adventures. Stay safe and stay healthy!


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