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Grocery Shopping Made Convenient?

On Monday September 9, Rebecca, the Sparta Chamber of Commerce Events Coordinator, met with Assistant Manager Casey to discuss the recent addition to the services offered at the Comstock Park Walmart. Our Chamber member just launched their OGP program! OGP stands for Online Grocery Pickup and is a service that allows customers to order their groceries online and then pick them up later that day. Orders can be placed until 3 PM for same day pickup and can be picked up as late as 8 PM. Orders can even be held until the next day if emergencies come up and you’re no longer able to pick up the groceries in time. To place your order, head over to or use the orange Walmart Grocery App. Select the items that you wish to purchase and then choose your pick-up time. When you go to pick up, Walmart associates will bring out and load up the groceries for you! All you have to do is park in the orange spots in the back parking lot near the auto car center and call the number on the sign posted in front of the spots.

One of the great things about this service is that there is no extra charge for using it. So whether you use the service regularly or just on a busy day, you won’t be charged a fee! The Walmart associates are also trained to look for the best products among the selections, which means you’ll be getting the best produce in the store. This service isn’t limited to just groceries though. Almost the entire store is available to choose from! From groceries to toiletries, flowers and clothing, there’s a lot that can be done through the Online Grocery Pickup service. To hear a bit more about this service, watch Rebecca’s interview with Casey above.


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