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Ooohhh! Shopping Local? Yes, please!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

So, you're a customer of a business in Sparta? Well, we've got a few words to say to you!!!


Not only is shopping local more convenient than driving 15+ minutes out of your way to get the same thing, but it is also makes a huge difference. Every purchase you make is just like a VOTE for what you want your community to be- full of small, independent business owners who employ local folks who live around here OR a big box retailer who doesn't even know (or care) you exist. Now, we know, we all need certain things from big box stores, and nothing against them, but when you can CHOOSE to spend your dollars locally, you are infusing the money into our local economy, which makes for a stronger community! Our independent businesses are the ones who help support the local boy scout project, who buy the yearbook ad at the school, who sponsor our festivals and events, and who supports the sports teams. When you shop, eat, and get your services done at a local business, you're helping everyone in the community from the bottom up.

Sparta TODAY wanted to help our businesses THANK YOU for shopping local, so in the month of March, we are hosting a LUCKY & LOCAL promotion when you choose to spend locally you will get a SCRATCH OFF CARD that will either have a fun shop-local message when you scratch it off or have a PRIZE of Sparta Bucks! New to Sparta Bucks? Check it out HERE.

Who is handing out the Lucky & Local promotion Scratch-Off Cards? Well, whoever wants to! Every business has been invited, so if you stop in and they DON'T know about it, tell them to give us a call or email us at, and we will get some cards down to them!

There is over $14,000 in Sparta Bucks gift certificates to win in March! That's a lot of BUCKS to potentially win!

Think you scratched a winning ticket? Follow these directions!

If you’ve received a winning scratch-off ticket from a local business, please follow the steps below:

1) Send a photo of your winning ticket with the digits clearly visible (we will need to verify the numbers to make sure you’ve won), a return email address, and your ZIP code to

2) Sparta Today staff will be sending out Sparta Bucks every Thursday to our winners. Sparta Bucks will be sent in a printable format to your email address provided in the above step. Each Sparta Bucks gift certificate has a unique identifying code, so multiple photo copies of one gift certificate will not be valid.

3) That’s it! Once you’ve received your Sparta Bucks via email, you may print them off to use at participating businesses!

4) Unable to print your gift certificate? Please include PLEASE MAIL ME in your email with your mailing address, and we will mail your certificates to you! *Please note, this option will take more time to process.

5) Unable to email in a photo of your winning ticket? Please include the information required above with your winning ticket into a sealed envelope and submit in person through the mail slot of our building or mail to Sparta Chamber 194 E. Division, Sparta, MI 49345.

6) The deadline for submitting your winning scratch-off Lucky & Local card is July 1, 2021 to receive your gift certificates. Scratch-off cards received after that day are no longer valid.

7) Unsure which businesses accept Sparta Bucks? Click here for the full list!

8) Unsure if you have a winning scratch-off ticket? Every winning Scratch-Off card will start with “Woo-Hoo! You’ve earned free Sparta Bucks”. Any other message is not the recipient of Sparta Bucks through this promotion.


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