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Prepare to be Spellbound

After months of preparation, Spellbound with Potter in the Park has arrived! This Saturday, June 22nd at 12 PM, witches, wizards, and magical creatures from all over will gather in Rogers Park for an exciting day of magic and whimsy. With magic shows, owl demonstrations, live reptiles, a miniature WWII museum, and a circus performance, there won't be a dull moment! Come explore the many treasures available at the Wands and Wizards Emporium, featuring crafts men and women from all over offering unique finds. Make sure you stop by the Transfiguration classroom to create your own magic.

We encourage all attendees to come in costume to help make the magic come to life. There be an opportunity to participate in the costume contest if you think your can compete, as well as plenty of opportunities to gain house points! Will Gryffindor be defeated this year? This year we are allowing guests to bring their furry companions so long as they are leashed, we’ll even be hosting a Pet Costume Contest to let your pets shine!

Along with costumes, we ask that guests bring in donations for our participating non profit organizations. This year attendees can donate to the Oculus Reparo Spectacle Drive, the Care of Magical Creatures Dog Dish Drive, the Severus Snape Shampoo Drive, and the Free Dobby to Help the Homeless Sock Drive. Further information on these programs can be found on the Potter in the Park Donation Page.

To see the event schedule and purchase tickets, visit the Potter in the Park website here!


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