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Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, and enjoying the good weather while it lasts (winter is just around the corner)! Summer is also a great time to give back to the community through volunteering. And what better way to volunteer than at the summer events? We’re always looking for hardworking volunteers to help out with events throughout the summer, this may be an ideal opportunity for you!

The summer concert series is an awesome way to kick of your volunteering for the summer. New to the concerts series is a 50/25/25 raffle happening at every concert. We’re looking for individuals to help sell tickets along with our Chamber Administrator. Our other opportunity is to blow up and hand out balloons to the attendees during the concert. There will be an air tank provided! The raffle and balloons will only take place during the first hour of the concert, from 6:30 to 7:30. After volunteering, you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the concert! Follow this link to sign up for raffle ticket sales: A link for the balloons will be added to the website soon!

Coming up soon is the Potter in the Park Spellbound festival, and with it comes more opportunities for volunteering. Opportunities at Spellbound includes ticket taking, running a craft table, or running a game. Taking tickets at the gate is simple! Just check to make sure the attendees have their Eventbrite receipt and give them their wristbands! Or sell some of the limited at-the-gate tickets. Craft booth are great for those looking to volunteer in pairs. Volunteers will be assigned to one of the craft booths and will hand out materials to the attendees. Instructions for the craft will be provided. Running a game is perfect for a people-person! Get assigned to one of our magical games and hand out House Point tickets to the winners! Follow this link to sign-up to volunteer at Spellbound:

Just a reminder that all volunteers must fill out a clearance form. If you are interested in volunteering, fill out the following form and bring it with you to your volunteer assignment:

All volunteering information and opportunities can be found on our volunteer page .


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