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5 reasons You Can't-Miss the Thursday night Market in Sparta!

1. Cocktails-to-Go

Cocktails-to-Go is where you order from our menu and relax. One of our runners then…. Literally RUNS to our local restaurants and gets it for you. Supporting local restaurants and delicious cocktails delivered on-site? Yes, please! Our weekly drink menu has margaritas and beer choices from local restaurants. businesses. Peach, strawberry, raspberry & house margaritas on the rocks or frozen are available, and we have two beers to choose from Mango Cart (a mango wheat beer, soooo good!) and Bud Light. Did we mention that all of the drinks are under $10? Cash only, baby!

2. Live Entertainment

Starting around 6 ish to - 8 pm, we have different local bands perform. The performers are Jason Eller Band, Brookie & the Nice, and the Jacob Clyde Band. Bring a chair or sit at one of our onsite tables to enjoy a night out of the house and with some good company!

3. Kids Crafts

Every week we have different types of free crafts that your kids can part in. Some weeks we have a lollipop tree where kids could get a free prize. The kids love it, and we promise…. *No glitter!

*there is no guarantee on that, actually. Glitter may be present at any time. Actually, it's probably a guarantee that glitter may be involved.

4. Local Business

Market vendors are set up in our Sparta Town Square, which is in the heart of Sparta. The Town Square is right next to 201 Market Place and the retail incubator businesses. Each small business has its unique charm that will make you want to visit. Several downtown restaurants are within walking distance, so grab a bite to eat take out at Downtown Trini’s & Margarita Joe’s, Brick Haus Brews, Ronnie Mack’s Hotbox Hash House, or Angela’s Italian Restaurant or bring your favorite food from any Sparta restaurant!

5. Market Vendors

Our vendors come with a little bit of everything -- homemade soaps, dog treats, and crafts. Some weeks, we have Darcie’s Delicacies have the best macarons around. Heffron Farms comes up and sells meat products including a variety of naturally raised beef, pork, chicken, turkey, dairy products, eggs, and much more. They also have different free samples every week. We have local farmers come in with fresh produce and eggs. You can even buy plants to build your own garden in the spring. Come visit our Market every Thursday 4-8.


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