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Applications Open for the Shipping Container Shops!

If you or someone you know is an entrepreneur looking for a storefront location to launch a small business, consider looking into the Shipping Container Shops in Sparta Town Square! There are spots available and applications are open!

The Shipping Container Shops are an award-winning approach to bringing new people and businesses to Sparta. It enables small business owners to test the market in a low-risk way. It is the perfect way to grow capital, develop ideas, and eventually transition into a brick-and-mortar building!

There is no better place for these Shipping Container Shops to be placed than in Sparta Town Square. Throughout the year, Downtown Sparta hosts dozens of events that draw in thousands of visitors. Sparta Town Square is at the heart of these events, and large crowds gather there to shop and visit.

The shops hold a prime location as they are encompassed by popular pedestrian pathways, community firepits, and Bayleat Field, all of which which are bustling with activity throughout the year.

We invite any entrepreneurs who are interested in this opportunity to check out the information on our website to find out more about what the Shipping Container Shops have to offer and to fill out the application here!


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