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Buy One, Get One Sparta Bucks thanks to Sable Homes & Consumers Energy!

Sable Homes & Consumers Energy donate to stimulate local economy through Sparta Bucks

Sparta Bucks, a local currency accepted by over 20 Sparta independent owned businesses, are a great way to keep dollars revolving in the community. Once used, the business is reimbursed for the full amount, which has helped spread the Shop Local efforts of the Sparta TODAY Shop. Eat. Enjoy Sparta! campaign. Sparta Bucks are like owning a gift certificate to several different stores at the same time – each participating business accepts Sparta Bucks like cash!

In December 2020, the Consumers Energy Foundation donated $10,000 to a matching Shop Eat Enjoy Sparta Bucks campaign – where the public is invited to purchase Sparta Bucks and receive a 1 for 1 match (called a BOGO: Buy one get one free!) while funds lasted! Funds sold out in 12 hours!! Specifically, due to this donation and the BOGO promotion, local businesses who participate in Sparta Bucks saw a tremendous uptick in local spending and more businesses signed on to accept the Sparta Bucks!

Sable Homes saw the positive impact Sparta Bucks were having on independent “Mom and Pop” businesses, and has generously decided to donate $5,000 to mirror the same BOGO promotion that will launch on February 10. While funds last, the public is welcome to visit to purchase Sparta Bucks and those bucks will be DOUBLED thanks to Sable Homes starting Feb 10! Sparta Bucks come in small increments and are emailed directly to your email to be printed off for use.

The funds can be spent at any participating business, and with an expiration date of 5 years, these funds have a lot of good they will do for our small, independent businesses between now and then!

Sparta Bucks

Did you know Sparta has a new form of local currency called SPARTA BUCKS? They are perfect for promotions and efforts to support our independent small business owners – to eat and shop locally makes a big difference in local employment opportunities, sponsorship of youth endeavors like sports teams and special projects, and local independent owners purchase goods and services from other small businesses keeping the dollars revolving local!

To get your OWN Sparta Bucks, simply go to and type in the amount you want, and pay for it via credit card. The gift certificates are then emailed to you to print out! Its that simple!

Have a store or restaurant that you love that doesn’t accept Sparta Bucks yet? Be sure to tell them about this new promotion and send them to so we can sign them up to accept!


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Unknown member
Mar 04, 2021

Sable Homes & Consumers Energy Sparta Bucks SOLD OUT ????? Any more promotions? Karen Bergman

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