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Congratulations to Our First Quartermaster

Congratulations are in order to our newest Sea Scout Quartermaster, Grace Nanzer. She is from Flagship Fleet Sea Scout Ship 9024, Muskegon, MI. What is a Sea Scout and what is a quartermaster? Sea Scouting is a high adventure program under the Boy Scouts of America. Sea Scouting, founded in 1913 is a co-ed program for youth ages 14-20. It has a focus on water and the program is led by the youth. There are over 30,000 youth in the Sea Scouting program in America and an average of only 30 scouts a year obtain the Quartermaster Rank. It is quite an honor.

As a Sea Scout, there are requirements that must be completed to earn a rank. As they learn, they progress through the ranks; Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and finally Quartermaster. Some of the requirements a scout must learn in the early ranks are; navigation, boat handling, learning how to read the weather, knots, and safety. As a scout progresses to the higher ranks, they have to teach their crew what they learned in the earlier ranks. They have to have 1st Aid, CPR training, and Lifeguard Training. Also, to earn Quartermaster, a scout is required to plan and execute a Quartermaster Cruise lasting a minimum of 36 hours. They are to obtain a sailing vessel or multiple boats and a minimum of 4 scouts and proper adults for supervision and plan an adventure on the water. A Sea Scout also must plan and execute a service project.

Grace Nanzer is Ship 9024’s first Quartermaster. Grace earned her Eagle Scout in 2021 and Quartermaster in 2023. She continues to work on her Gold Award in Girl Scouts and is working diligently towards her Summit Award. Grace has been homeschooled since kindergarten and is in her Senior Year. She is dual enrolled at Cornerstone University to pursue a Music Degree and become a Piano Teacher. When she joined Scouts BSA in 2019, her goal was to become an Eagle Scout. Never did she think she would become a Quartermaster. But as she progressed in the program, her love for sailing and boating became stronger and she knew she could do it. Her Quartermaster Cruise was on a 46’ sailboat and went from Grand Haven, MI to Sheboygan, WI, and back again. With only a few knots of wind, it was slow sailing. But even when the wind stopped, they made the best of it and were able to jump into the middle of Lake Michigan. What an experience. With the help and support from her Skipper, David Betz, she learned and enjoyed Scouting even more than she already did. She can’t wait for the next adventure the Ship plans on; more quartermaster cruises and in 2025 a sailing trip down the River Klaralven in Sweden.


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