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Countdown to Christmas: Earning the Title "Coolest Aunt or Uncle"

There are 5 weeks until Christmas, and it's time to start that annual competition to earn the title "coolest aunt/uncle!" If you're looking for the perfect gift to blow all the other aunts and uncles out of the water (and make the nieces and nephews happy of course), then you need to stop by Sparta Town Square!

Found at Rustic Lily

Found at Creekside Clover

Found at Rustic Lily

Sparta Town Square is the proud home of 10 new shops that offer a variety of items such as accessories, clothing, local crafts, and home goods, along with food establishments that provide delicious meals and delectable baked goods. Come check out downtown Sparta if you haven't already!

Christmas time is the perfect time to support your local businesses! Below, you can check out the schedule for events being hosted in Sparta Town Square to make your Christmas shopping experience enjoyable!


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