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Embracing Community During the Winter

Lately, we've been saying a lot about the upcoming Winter Fest, so I'm sure you must be wondering, why all the fuss about winter? I get it, the weather is dreary, slush gets in your boots, and you just can't wait for summer. True, winter isn't always fun, but there's one big thing that winter brings that we tend to forget: community. And that's what Winter Fest in Sparta is all about.

Imagine families laughing and learning to ice skate together; Neighbors catching up while warming their hands over a roaring bonfire; Friends hanging out and listening to live music; That is community.

In years past, summers have always been the time to gather, but this year, we aren't just stopping at summer! Winter is just as much about community as any other time of the year. This year, we invite you to come together with your community to embrace the winter and all that it brings. Celebrate what makes winter in Sparta special!

So bring your friends and family, invite your neighbors and coworkers, and check out Winter Fest in Sparta from February 3-21! There's ice skating every day for only $2 a person! If that's not your style, check out the amazing ice sculptures that will be on display! While you're there, gather around community bonfires or see if there are any events going on that day! There's something for everyone! You can find the whole schedule and more information at


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