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Go Big, and Go Local

If this year has proved anything, it has shown us all the importance of investing in our local community. And has seasonal shopping coming up, with Prime Day right around the corner, we here at the Sparta Chamber of Commerce are asking that you take some time to consider the retailers in your area first, before turning to online retailers. We understand there's a lot of convenience in shopping online, and there are a lot of products online that are difficult to find locally. But even one purchase made at a local business, rather than online or at a big-box chain, can be an act of local economy investment.

Shopping local can benefit the community as a whole. From the members of the community themselves to the overall development of the community. For every $100 spent locally, $68 stays within the community. Local businesses pay local employees who then go on to fund other local amenities, from donating to local charities, shopping at other local businesses, so something as simple as paying for a child to participate in a local sports team. Every dollar spent locally becomes a vitamin that boosts the overall health of the local economy.

Not only is shopping local good for the economy, but it's also better for the environment. When you make the choice to shop local, you reduce processing, packaging, and transportation waste.

There has never been a better time to shop locally in Sparta than it is now. With so many new businesses open, there's a brand-new world of unique finds and experiences right in town. At each of these new businesses, you'll be greeted with unique finds perfect for any and every occasion. Find the perfect gift to give this season. From clothes to home decor and essentials, there is something for everybody right in the heart of the downtown area. You can also give the perfect community gift card to those picky people in your life with Sparta Bucks. With all of these options right in your neighborhood, it's easy to choose local.


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