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Hay Bales, Concrete Cauldrons, & Fall Fun Oh My!

If you're over summer, this week is probably the best week of the year. The official summer months are behind us, school is starting, nights are colder, and fall fun in Sparta starts this week! The 2020 Hay Bale Bash, hosted in partnership with Papa Picciones, starts this week. Hay Bales will be placed within the next couple of days at participating downtown businesses. Worried about having to scour the town to find all the Hay Bales? Worry not! Once the bales are assigned and placed, a map will be shared to the Sparta Today Facebook page and updated on this blog post! Keep your eyes peeled for decorations as they progress, and be on the lookout for the perfect fall-photo-opportunity.

A fall favorite is coming back to downtown Sparta. The Concrete Cauldrons are ON for Fall 2020. This year's theme is "Hollywood Halloween". From Halloween themed movies, to movies that have the best costume inspiration for Halloween, any movie will do (keeping in mind that it should be community-friendly). Get your creative juices following and start your plan now, cauldrons go fast! Registration announces will all be made on the Sparta Today Facebook page. We're looking forward to the innovative and unique cauldrons that come to life downtown this year!

Who doesn't like winning things? People who get vacuum bags during White Elephant games at Christmas. Who doesn't like winning FUN prizes? There's still probably someone, but the chances are slim! This fall, to increase fall-activity-enjoyment levels, we'll be doing Fall Apple give-aways. Prizes and details are in the works as we are strategically planning the best way to achieve maximum Autumn satisfaction. As always, most updated information will be on the Sparta Today Facebook page. But if you want to be the first to know about updates to come, consider subscribing to the Chamber weekly newsletter. All good news is shared to the Newsletter first. Subscribe here to be first in line for the most recent good-news and Chamber updates.


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