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It's RESTAURANT WEEK in Sparta, baby!

Ok, a few things:

1) Yes, we realize we called it Restaurant WEEK and it is actually two weeks long, but you try coming up with a catchy "It's Sparta Restaurant WEEKS" or "Weeks of Restaurants", or Two Weeks of Restaurant-ings in Sparta.....and let's just say..... It. Was. Just. Easier. This. Way.

2) Anyone can participate:: Know a restaurant in the area that wants to be highlighted? Send them to us!

3) We will post around 10 am every day the specials we can find in THIS BLOG format and update throughout the day as Facebook posts get published.

4) If someone wants to sign up to "get" our blogs, tell them to go here:

5) We are looking for guest bloggers/commenters, so if you have an "amazing" experience or something you'd like to showcase for a restaurant, send us a photo, a caption, and your name (if you would) and we would love to help pass on the "great" reviews! Send these reviews to

6) Looking forward to tomorrow!!

-- Elizabeth from the Sparta TODAY Staff


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