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Letters to Santa!

This is the time of year when reliable postal service is really important. Why? So you can write letters to Santa Claus, of course! Good news for you, there's a mailbox to the North Pole right in Sparta! That's right, just in front of the Sparta Chamber of Commerce (194 E Division) is a red mailbox!

So you and your family can drop off your letters there and trust that they will get to the North Pole before Christmas. Make sure you include a return address, and Santa will send a reply! Unfortunately, the mailbox doesn't always keep out the snow, and addresses can get lost due to water damage. To be extra sure Santa can reply, please put your address in the letter as well as on the envelope. Christmas will be here before you know it, and the elves have to know what kind of toys to make! So don't wait to get Santa your letters!


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