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Papa Picciones in Sparta

Big news for pizza lovers in Sparta, Papa Picciones is in to Town and they're here to stay! Papa's is a longtime favorite in Kent City and has a successful second location in Ravenna. Now they've taken over the B.C. Pizza location (466 E Division St.), retaining the employees previously employed by B.C. Pizza, and have opened their third location in Sparta. This new location will be open to dine-In, delivery, and pick up. They also have plans of using this space to expand their sauce bottling productions which grew in popularity earlier this year.

Jeff Sabins, owner of Papa P's, said that the sense of community in Sparta is what made him decide to bring his pizza here. “Community is really important to me, and Sparta is huge on community. I love the growth that Sparta has seen in the last few years, but it still has that small-town feel. I love the energy of the growth, but the connectivity of a small community.” The Chamber is no stranger to the strength of the Spartan community. Despite the events season being almost non-existent this year, each endeavor pursued by the Chamber in order to work within the limits have been met with great support from everyone in Sparta. It's no surprise then, that Jeff would want to be a part of this great community!

And he's already getting into the competitive-community spirit! In partnership with Sparta Today, Papa P's is hosting a Hay Bale Bash for the upcoming Fall! Participants will decorate hay bales that will be placed around town to be judged. Winners with the best bale will receive $200 in Sparta Bucks and a $200 gift certificate to Papa Picciones, along with very exclusive bragging rights! It's $15 to reserve a bale and decorating begins August 30th. For more information or to reserve a bale, email

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