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QR Scavenger Hunt Downtown

Are you looking for a fun activity to kick-off to fall? Look no further! The Chamber is hosting a QR Code Scavenger hunt downtown as a celebration of Fall Fun Weekends. Take yourself on a tour through the Downtown to win a prize at the September 17th Shop Local Celebration!

The Scavenger Hunt starts at the gazebo. On each one of the posts of the gazebo, you will find a colored tag with a QR Code on it. Each color is its own separate course. Choose one color and scan the QR code with a smartphone camera. Most smartphones do NOT require a separate app to scan QR Codes. By hovering your camera over the QR Code, the smartphone should scan the code automatically. If your phone does not scan it, there are many free apps within the app store on your phone which scan QR Codes. When you scan the code, you will see a clue to the next destination. Each route has five destinations in total (this is including the gazebo). To complete the hunt, you must take a picture at every destination.

Once you’ve taken all five photos, bring them to Market on Thursday, September 17, during the Shop. Eat. Enjoy! celebration. Once there, you will need to bring your photos to the Chamber’s booth. If you have all the correct destinations photographed for the route you choose, you win a prize! Simple as that!! The first 100 to complete the scavenger hunt will receive a prize. The Scavenger Hunt begins September 10th & ends the 17th, you have one week! Can you do it?

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