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Seeking Nominations for Annual Awards, Send Us Your Favorite Business

Our community is special, and the Sparta Chamber looks forward to recognizing special businesses and individuals at our annual celebration. We need YOUR help to find nominations for the following categories, anyone is eligible to submit a nomination! A committee will evaluate the nominations and the awards will be given at our annual business celebration on May 10!

To submit a nomination, please email with the business name and reason for nominating (a few options are below but every year our categories change!) Thanks for the help!!

1) Email by March 19, 2022

2) Include Business Name & reason for nominating!

Our nomination categories have included:

Community Pride

Community Service (someone in public safety)

Community Champion (someone who gives back to the community)

Excellence in Teaching (nominate a teacher or business mentor)

Small Business of the Year

Large Business of the Year

Nonprofit Organization of the Year

Citizen of the Year

Community Goodwill (award for creating a sense of community)

Young Leader of the Year (a young person who is noteworthy)

Other (feel free to describe your own type of nomination category. The categories can change annually based on who is being nominated.

2019 Business Award photos:

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