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Sparta embraces Social District

Sparta joins a statewide trend of downtowns establishing social districts, with 89 Social Districts located in the State of Michigan as of June 3, 2022. These communities that are creating “social districts” under a state initiative that downtown advocates say will spur social and economic involvement in downtown economies. This is a designated public area where alcoholic beverages can be purchased in a special cup from participating establishments and enjoyed while visiting Sparta's downtown small businesses and enjoying the entertainment.

A 2020 law was created amid the COVID pandemic that allowed local governments to apply for a permit to designate groups of restaurants with liquor licenses as social districts in walkable downtown areas. Drinks can be consumed on public sidewalks within the social district.

The social district is another tool for community development in a downtown area, for people that not only want to come downtown and walk around, but also do window shopping, enjoy downtown entertainment when available, enjoy the public parks, and potentially attract businesses that want to come down and be in the downtown area.

The Sparta Social District hours permitted are Monday thru Saturday, 11 am – 10 pm.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Visit any participating Sparta Social District permitted establishment and request a Social District Cup to enjoy your beverage while strolling the district.

2. Look for branded Social District signs and decals to make sure that area businesses are participating in the social district before you enter an establishment. You must also finish or discard your beverage before entering into a new Sparta Social District permitted business.

3. Be sure to stay within the designated area depicted by Social District boundary signage. Beverages must be purchased in Sparta Social District cups to leave an establishment and cups must stay within the district's boundaries. Signage indicates those boundaries.

4. Properly dispose of your Sparta Social District cup when empty.

5. Enjoy and Drink responsibly!


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