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Staying Comfortable, Conveniently

If you've ever had a guest come to visit you, stay in your house, and then you wished they weren't in your home but there wasn't a high-quality hotel nearby, be prepared to have to deal with that significantly less. Holiday Inn Express & Suites opened in Cedar Springs! Located at 14190 White Creek Avenue NE, it has easy access to US-131 and is just a short drive from downtown Sparta. The location opened August 11th after months of preparation. Aside from the convenient location, it also provides top-notch amenities for its guests. Breakfast and Wi-Fi are just the basics. With an indoor heated pool and complimentary fitness center, the hotel is equipped with all a person could need for an enjoyable stay. They are also committed to providing a safe and clean environment for everyone staying.

We here are the Chamber, within the Events department in particular, are very excited for this new addition. While the event season in 2020 was a bust, it will pick up again! And when it does pick up, we know just the place to suggest to our out-of-down attendees! The addition of a nearby hotel is a key indicator for new growth to come. We can't wait to see what new businesses and attractions will start popping up in the next few years that will help create a more exciting Sparta that will attract people from all over. What would you like to see come to our area?

Check out more hotel details here!

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