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The Need-to-Knows for Winter Fest

It's officially Winter Fest time! There's a whole lot you don't want to miss out on, so keep reading for all the important Winter Fest info!

Every day is different at Winter Fest! There are all kinds of special activities and themed nights that you and your family can participate in! You can check them out on the calendar below or at!

As you may have noticed just by looking at the calendar, in addition to all sorts of cool activities, there's ice skating every single day! Wow! And get this: it's only $2 per person! If you don't own skates, there's no need for concern, that $2 admission fee includes ice skate rental! (even if you bring your own skates, the admission fee is still $2) For any little ones, there are also ice skating aids that they can hold onto to help keep their balance. The ice is synthetic, so even if the weather rises above freezing, the ice rink can stay open! If the weather gets bad enough, the ice rink may have to close, so make sure to check our Facebook page for updates if the weather looks rough!

In case you haven't heard, we're selling some pretty amazing Sparta Winter shirts! You can get them at Winter Fest Wednesday through Sunday during regular Winter Fest hours! Don't want to miss out, but can't make it soon? Don't worry! You can reserve your shirts online by either messaging Sparta Today on Facebook or emailing us at!

Here's the map for where you can find all of the Winter Fest Fun! Please keep the parking spaces in front of the 201 Marketplace open for people interested in shopping there! And while you're enjoying yourself and Winter Fest, don't forget to keep the driving lane open as well! You can park in that back parking lot and exit on Union Street.

That's all you need to know for Winter Fest! If you still have questions, you can go to for more info!


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