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Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Beer & Brat Street Fest Lanyard

You've probably heard a lot about the Beer & Brat Street Fest by now, and I bet you've heard of lanyards that are available to purchase. But what are these lanyards? And why buy them? Read on for the top 4 reasons to buy the Beer & Brat Street Fest Lanyards!

  1. It allows you to do a wide variety of activities! Want to try brats? The lanyard comes with brat tickets! Want to challenge your friends at axe throwing? The lanyard gives you three event tickets! Always loved caricature drawings? You can use your event tickets to get a caricature drawing too! There are so many ways you can use the event tickets in your lanyard, from fowling to a plant-your-own-succulent craft, the event tickets in your lanyard allow you to do a lot of fun things! if you're a person who wants to do it all, then the lanyard is the perfect investment for you!

  2. Are you the kind of person who loves a good deal? The event lanyards give you $40 worth of tickets, for only $25! Each lanyard is stuffed with $10 worth of brat tickets, along with 3 event tickets. If you're planning on trying brats, games, and activities while at the festival, you might as well save and buy all the tickets you'll need with the Beer & Brat Street Fest Lanyard!

  3. The lanyards are a great time saver! While everyone else waits in line and still has to pay for their tickets, anyone who pre-bought a lanyard will be able to just walk up to the lanyard pick-up booth and grab their lanyard! It's simple, easy, and quick! That leaves more time to enjoy the rest of the festival!

  4. Buying them is easy! All you have to do is go to this link and follow the steps to get your lanyard! Once purchased, you're all set! At the festival, there will be an area for you to pick it up, and you're good to go!


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