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We're Getting Ready to GO in 2021!

While the details are still getting discussed, the Sparta Events committee has agreed one thing loud and proud:

We Are Ready to GO!

2021 in Sparta will be filled with the wonderful memories that you have come to love and enjoy, and will be full of opportunities to listen to live music, have some fresh food at a picnic table, and enjoy the sights and sounds of people enjoying Sparta. It will be a bit different, but we are committed to providing these opportunities safely for anyone who would like to enjoy it from the comfort of their couch (that's right, check our facebook page for facebook lives to "be" part of it wherever you are!) or their shoes on our doorsteps.

These events and activities are possible because of the sponsorship of our local businesses who donate money to our Events fundraising effort -- they know the value of growing strong community. This year, we are asking for help from our fan base to make this year possible: This is an opportunity to help support the activities of the Sparta Events to keep our beloved activities going!

Please consider a donation of support via our secure online PayPal system OR by sending in a check with your name and address for your appreciation window decal gift!

NEW this year.... for as little as a $25 donation to our Sparta TODAY events, we will send you a fabulous Sparta MI Decal! Stick it on your car, stick it on your laptop, you can give it to a kid to stick to the wall (uh......wait. These don't come off easy, maybe don't do that)...;) We had two new supporters this week (THANK YOU Amanda H. and THANK YOU Jon B.! Look for your decals in the mail!!) How do you get one of these cool decals?

And last, but definitely not least.........HERE IT IS! The schedule for 2021! We are VERY excited to roll this out and getting ready for YOU in Sparta!


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