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Where to Find Apples

Everyone who knows anything about apples knows that they are best when they come right from the tree. Whether they be from a market stand or you pick them yourself, this is the time to find yummy, fresh apples! That raises the question, where can I get them? The Michigan Apple Committee has just the tool to help solve this problem! On their website, they have a map dedicated to where to find our favorite fall fruit! 🍎

Shown is a snippet of their map. The dots are the markets or stores in the area where you can find locally grown apples! If you're interested in learning more about any of these locations, when visiting The Michigan Apple Committee website, you can click on any of the red dots to find out more information about the farm or market!

If you're on the lookout for apples, then you will not want to miss The Michigan Apple Fest on September 23 and 24! It's a whole weekend of apple-themed treats, games, and fun!


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