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Why Shop Small this Weekend?

Shopping local is a big deal. It's a great way to give back to your community and check out the amazing things that Sparta has to offer! If that's not enough, then make sure to read on for the three biggest reasons you want to shop local this weekend for Sparta Town Square's Shop Small Spring Crawl!

1. Amazing Deals - This weekend, the shops in Sparta Town Square are offering some super fun deals! You'll be able to get a fabulous product at a discount! What's more fun than shopping during a sale? Check out the images below to see what stellar deals you can get at the Shop Small Spring Crawl! Want more info about great deals? Make sure to go to!

2. Social District - Don't forget about Social District! You're able to grab an adult beverage from any participating restaurant and bring it with you while you stroll through Sparta Town Square! Invite your friends, grab some drinks, and window shop! It's the perfect way to spend your weekend!

3. The Weather - Have you seen the forecast for this weekend? It's all in the 70s! Talk about gorgeous weather for shopping in Downtown Sparta! The Shop Small Spring Crawl event is the perfect excuse to get you out of the house and enjoying the warm weather! These temperatures are exactly what we've been waiting all winter to see, and shopping local in the 201 Marketplace is a great way to take advantage of it!


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