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Beer & Brat Fest 2022!

The Beer & Brat Festival is a new adult geared two-day event that will feature premiere Michigan beers and brats. At the festival, there will be 6 different kinds of brats available, all of them from local meat shops such as Sobie’s, Grand Butcher, and Frank’s. You will have the opportunity to sample them individually or order a sample flight of them all! And what goes better with brats than beer? Local breweries will be providing custom brewed beer for the event!

After trying your fill of brats and beer, you’ll be able to shop at approximately 100 different booths at the arts and crafts show! There will also be a variety of games for ages 18+ to try, such as fowling, axe throwing, and more!

To put the cherry on top, there will be live music throughout the entire event! Two headlining bands will be performing at night. The Whiskey Bound Band is a Country Cover band that will be showing on Friday night, and The John Fett Quartet will fill the streets with classic rock on Saturday night.

For two days only, the Beer & Brat Festival will be lighting up the streets of Sparta, mark your calendar now for June 17, 4 PM-11 PM and June 18, 11 AM-11 PM. You don’t want to miss it!


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