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Dog Days of Sparta

Grab a pup (we had a call this week at the chamber to ask if it was ok if they brought their goats. We put on our most polite voice, and of course, said yes. We love dogs and goats!) and bring them to Dog Days on Saturday, Oct 22 from 11-3 pm.

Here is a rundown of the day:

Costume Contest --> At 1 pm we have one large costume contest where you can enter your pup, with prizes like toys, bones, and treats!

Raffle bags--> Purchase raffle tickets to enter to win one of the bags! (cash only please) You've heard of arm-length raffle tickets being sold? These tickets will be sold for the length of your dog -- tail to snout! $10 for the length of a small dog and $20 for the length of a large dog! The prizes are all about dogs and related dog items!

Games--> With bobbing for hot dogs, a whipped pie eating contest, and treats under tennis balls, these free dog games will delight you AND your pup!

The weather looks to be perfect to enjoy an afternoon with your pup in Sparta!

Special thank you The Barkery Pet Grooming for hosting the event in Sparta Town Square (201 E. Division, Sparta)


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