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Random Acts of Kindness

The community of Sparta is certainly one that's filled with love and kindness for our fellow community members. Kimberly Shepard is certainly a community member who fits this description. This year, with all the hardships that everyone is going through, Kimberly took it upon herself to bring some random acts of kindness to the community by giving out toys for free! She started buying and saving toys in October to spread Christmas cheer to the community members who needed it the most.

"It hit hard this year with everything going on, which I never thought would happen. Somehow, I started it because I wanted to help others around the community that may have been having a hard time and needed to just help their holiday be a bit more cheerful! I don't have kids of my own, just my niece that helped me hand them out! So, when I started this it was mainly a fun thing to do honestly! Yet it became so much more than I had expected! I started buying some items myself then had a few close and dear friends and family decide they wanted to help! I even have a group page I started to just show them what I wanted to do as a fun thing!

I know what it was like, growing up at times with not much under the tree yet had other years there was! Now that my parents are gone and it's me and my boyfriend, I wanted to do something nice for the local Community!

If I had a message it would be to be kind and it's not what we have or get under a tree that matters or how much we spend, it’s the feeling of giving and the love we get this time of the year! It reminds me of how special Christmas can be. I would say take the time to slow down, even if the world doesn't, to breathe and know that no matter what, it's the time we have with one another that is most important!

I really didn't get many pictures while doing it because I wanted to respect the people and their privacy. My niece helped me so much yesterday and a few times I almost cried from the stories and just the reactions made it so special to me! Yet I never expected to be really known! It was just the fun of it!" - Kimberly Shepard

Thank you so much Kimberly for the high spirits and good cheer that you've brought to Sparta this Holiday Season!


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